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About Global Domains International (Photo Gallery)

Credit Unions Register 1,000 .coop Domain Names
NCBA Press Release 02/01/28

Target Forces Targetshopper.com To Relinquish Name
Newsbytes 02/01/25

A Summary of the Final Report of the Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process
GigaLaw Peter K. Yu 02/01

Nazi Loses One Web Fight, Vows to Start Another
Lincoln Journal Star 02/01
Germany Evicts Nazi Cybersquatter
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/25; Germany Takes Back Government Sites CNET (Reuters) 02/01/25

朝日新聞 02/01/26
VeriSign Losses Cap Otherwise 'Successful' Year
InternetNews.com 02/01/25
Internet Watch 02/01/25
VeriSign Posts Narrower Net Loss
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/25
Domain Name Growth Slows in 2001
Yahoo! (AP) 02/01/24; Domain Name Growth Slows Considerably CNN.com (AP) 02/01/25
VeriSign Lowers 2002 Bar
CBSMarketWatch 02/01/24
VeriSign Revenue Nears $1 Bil, Loses $13.4 Bil
Newsbytes 02/01/24
VeriSign Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2001 Results
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/24

Public Domain: Getting Regular Users Involved in ICANN
edventure Esther Dyson 02/01/24

Releases Cancelled Dot-Ca Domain
CIRA 02/01/24

VeriSign's Troubles
ISP-Planet 02/01/28
EFF Says NSI "Screwed Up" Sex.com Case
InternetNews.com 02/01/25
EFF Joins Sex.com Case
CNET 02/01/25
Network Solutions Mishandled sex.com Domain, Owner Says
SiliconValley.com (Bloomberg) 02/01/24
EFF Wants VeriSign Held Responsible In Sex.com Case
Newsbytes 02/01/24
Network Solutions Inc. Screwed Up Sex.com Domain Dispute
EFF Press Release 02/01/23

Tucows Gains Market Share: Named Fastest-growing Registrar in Net New Domain Name Registration
Tucows Press Release (CA) 02/01/23

Internet Watch 02/01/24
Aimster Adopts New Name
ZDNet 02/01/23
Aimster Changes Name, Adds Fee Service
CNET 02/01/23

.biz Proves Popular in Europe
Europemedia.net (EU) 02/01/23

5,000 Domains Held Hostage
Moscow Times (RU) 02/01/24

Canadian Authority Tries Again To Release Expired Domains
Newsbytes 02/01/22
New Date/Time for CIRA's Release of Cancelled Dot-Ca Domain is January 24, 2002, 9:00 am (Ottawa time)
CIRA Press Release 02/01/22

Mainichi Interactive 02/01/24
ITPro 02/01/23
IBM, VeriSign Team Up on Security
ZDNet eWEEK 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign Forge E-Commerce Security Strategy
NewsFactor Network 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign Ink Internet Security Pact
InternetNews.com 02/01/22 IBM, VeriSign Ink Internet Security Pact AtNewYork.com 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign to Develop Electronic-Commerce Services (Update2)
Bloomberg.com 02/01/22
IBM-VeriSign Security Pact
CNNmoney 02/01/22
IBM, Verisign Ink Wide-ranging Security Deal
InfoWorld 02/01/22
IBM and VeriSign Seal £700m E-security Deal
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/22
An I.B.M.-VeriSign Venture for E-Commerce
NY Times (Reg. Req'd) 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign Partner on Security Technology
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/22; IBM, VeriSign in Security Pact MSNBC (Reuters) 02/01/22
VeriSign, IBM Strike Security Pact
CNET 02/01/21
VeriSign and IBM in Internet Security Alliance
IBM Press Release 02/01/22
日本ベリサイン Press Release 02/01/23
IBM And VeriSign Forge Global Internet Security Alliance
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/22

asahi.com AIC 02/01/22

ケータイ用語の基礎知識 (77) ドメイン とは
Internet Watch 02/01/22

Addressing Authorities Will Tackle Internet Keywords
Newsbytes 02/01/23
ICANN Meetings in Accra, Ghana (10-14 March 2002)
ICANN 02/01/21

'Sucks' Sites to be Doled Out for Free
MSNBC 02/01/21

Selling Baltimore Short
SunSpot.net 02/01/21

Domain Idea Sparks Spat
Wired 02/01/21

Row over Domain
money.telegraph.co.uk (UK) 02/01/21

ZDNet Broadband 02/01/21

JPNIC 02/01/21

Some AT&T Users Face E-mail Shift
Boston Globe 02/01/19

Will U.S. Release Grip on ICANN?
Wired 02/01/19

Release of Cancelled Dot-ca Domain Names Rescheduled
CIRA Press Release (CA) 02/01/18

Baha'i Organization Bests Speculator In Domain Dispute
Newsbytes 02/01/18

Porn Pops Up on Redlands Web Site
dailybulletin.com 02/01/18

夕刊フジ (共同) 02/01/18

State of the Domain, Year-End 2001 (PDF)
SnapNames 02/01/17

VeriSign Slims Mass-marketing Unit
CNET 02/01/18
Verisign Axes 100 Jobs
silicon.com (UK) 02/01/18
VeriSign Lays Off 100 Employees
Newsbytes 02/01/17

Challenge to Bogus Net Name Holders
BBC (UK) 02/01/19
Afilias Begins Bulk Challenge Process
InternetNews.com 02/01/17
Domain Registrar Contests Frauds
CNET 02/01/17
Afilias Challenges 741 '.Info' Internet Addresses
Newsbytes 02/01/17
Afilias disputes 10,000 domain names
ZDNet (Reuters) 02/01/17; Internet Domain Manager Launches Challenge of Names Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/16
Afilias Starts Challenge of .INFO Names
Afilias Press Release 02/01/17

Japan.internet.com 02/01/18
インターネット上の商標及びその他の標識に係る工業所有権の保護に関する共同勧告 (PDF)
特許庁 02/01/17

Why and How to Rent a Domain Name
GigaLaw.com 02/01

AP At Large Meetings in Bangkok, Thailand
8th JET Meeting Agenda (Draft)
APTLD 02/01/16

auDA Claims High Demand for Generic Domain Names
ZDNet Australia (AU) 02/01/16
Generic Domains Unpopular
Australian IT (AU) 02/01/16
Generic Domain Names Auction Update
auDA (AU) 02/01/16

ZDNet 02/01/15
Microsoft Faces Technical Snags In Fixing Breach
Yahoo! SG (WSJ) 02/01/15
MSのサーバに障害。Windows XP用パッチがダウンロードできない状態に
ZDNet (WSJ) 02/01/15

Domain Operators Want Service from ICANN
electricnews.net (IE) 02/01/18
Net Name Registrars Contest ICANN Fees
CNET 02/01/17
Net's Servers Under Scrutiny
BBC (UK) 02/01/15

24 Mil.Koreans Go Online
Korea Times (KR) 02/01/15

Mainichi Interactive 02/01/15

MYCOM PCWEB 02/01/16
Internet Watch 02/01/16
ITPro 02/01/16
読売新聞 02/01/16
日本経済新聞 (共同) 02/01/16
What's in a Dot-name?
Fairfax IT (AU) 02/01/16
Dot-Name Frenzy? No, Dot-Calm
Wired 02/01/15
New '.Name' Internet Suffix Goes Live
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/15
Dot-Name Internet Addresses Go Live Today
Newsbyes 02/01/15
Your .name Here--Net's New Domain
ZDNet 02/01/15; Net Makes a .name for Itself CNET 02/01/15
Sign on the dot.name
BBC (UK) 02/01/15
japan.internet.com 02/01/15
Internet Suffix for Individuals Starts
Yahoo! (AP) 02/01/14; New Net Dot-name Suffix Set to Debut CNN.com (AP) 02/01/14
.name, the World's First Domain for the Individual Goes Live
GNR Press Release 02/01/15

Forum Announces Fee Adjustments for ICANN Services
NAF 02/01/15

Nissan Computer Loses Ground in Domain Name Dispute With Nissan Motor
law.com 02/01/14

'Me' Domain Aale Attracts Lurid Applications
Ananova (UK) 02/01/15
Brits Get Domain for Individuals: me.uk
ITworld.com 02/01/14
.me Registers in Britain
CNET 02/01/14
British Internet Users Get '.me' Domain
Newsbytes 02/01/14
It's Me, Me, Me, Time for Britain's Internet Users
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/14; It's Me, Me, Me, Time for UK's Internet Users CNN.com (Reuters) 02/01/14
Let's Talk about .me.uk
TheRegister (UK) 02/01/14
Britons Get .me.uk Domain Today
ZDNetUK (UK) 02/01/14; Britons Get .me.uk Domain Today ZDNetUK 02./01/14
Nominet UK (UK) 02/01/14

ITPro (日経コンピュータ, 要登録) 02/01/14

Web Site Owner Links City to Smut
Bultimore Sun 02/01/14
Eugene City Beat: Cybersquatters Link City's Name with Smutty Site
Register-Guard 02/01/13

'Google Effect' Reduces Need for Many Domains
SJ Mercury Dan Gillmor 02/01/12

No Decisions Made On New Domains - ICANN
Newsbytes 02/01/11

Domain Dispute Mechanism Works Well - Study
Newsbytes 02/01/11

What's in a Web name?
Globe and Mail (CA) 02./01/11
Expired Dot-ca Internet Domain Names Available on a First Come First Served Basis
CIRA Press Release (CA) 02/01/11

Me, My Web and I
BBC (UK) 02/01/11
Nominet Gives Go Ahead for .me.uk
vnunet.com (UK) 02/01/11
A Domain Name Just for Me!
NominetUK (UK) 02/01/11

Address Sellers Criticize Recycled Domain Name Proposal
Newsbytes 02/01/10

ICANN Chief Favors Members-Only Internet Addresses
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/10

Alcoholics Anonymous Fails to Win .org Site
CNET 02/01/10; AA Not Awarded .org Site ZDNet 02/01/10

NeuStar Seeks Channel Partners to Launch .US Domain (PDF)
NeuStar Press Release 02/01/10

「資生堂」ドメインの登録会社に移転命令 WIPO
毎日新聞 (共同) 02/01/11
「資生堂」登録会社に移転命令 WIPO
毎日新聞 (共同) 02/01/10

Little Guy Takes Giant to Court
Yahoo! (AP) 02/01/14
Jokester Serious about Taking on Microsoft
“Pocket PC”は私の名前――ギャグ商品作者の真面目な訴え
ZDNet 02/01/10
Going Mano a Mano with Microsoft
起業家が『Pocket PC』をめぐってMSと一騎討ち
CNET 02/01/09

Is VeriSign Buying Revenue?
TheStreet.com 02/01/09

NAF Domain News Issue 3.1
NAF 02/01/09

No Love Lost in Domain Battle
SeacoastOnline 02/01/08

Euro Domain Registries Pushing ICANN for Quality Standards
Computerworld 02/01/10
US Icann and European Centr in a Deadlock
Europemedia.net (EU) 02/01/09
Memo to Domain Name Industry - SORT IT OUT
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/09
Domain Name Fury Leaves Europe Ostracised
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/09
US Body 'Taxing' European Domains
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/08

Nebraska Neo-Nazi Irks German Pol
Wired 02/01/10
Germany Takes on 'Farmbelt Fuehrer'
BBC (UK) 02/01/08

Nominet Expected to Approve .me.uk
vnunet.com (UK) 02/01/08
.Me.uk Domain Scheduled for Release
ZDNet UK (UK) 02/01/08

VeriSign Buying Wireless Billing Services Vendor H.O. Systems Inc.
Computerworld 02/01/08
SnapNames and VeriSign to Develop Domain Waiting List
Web Host Industry Review 02/01/07
VeriSign Takes Over Dot-TV Internet Domain
Newsbytes 02/01/08
米VeriSign、「.tv」ドメインの.tv Corporationを4,500万ドルで買収
Internet Watch 02/01/08
VeriSign Sets Fee for Expired Domain Names
vnunet.com (UK) 02/01/07
Verisign Adds .tv to Its Top-level Domain Holdings
ITworld.com 02/01/07
VeriSign Hooks .tv, H.O Systems
VeriSign が .tv Corp. と H.O.Systems を買収
InternetNews.com 02/01/07
VeriSign Buys Tuvalu's .tv
VeriSignが.tv Corpを買収。「.tv」ドメインを獲得
ZDNet 02/01/07
VeriSign Buys .tv Web Domain for $45 Million
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/07
Yahoo! (WSJ) 02/01/07
Nikkei.net (WSJ) 02/01/07
VeriSign Acquires The .tv Corporation
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/07

ICANN Meetings in Accra, Ghana (10-14 March 2002)
ICANN Meetings in Accra
ICANN 02/01/06

Enforce Dispute Resolution System for KR Domain Name
KRNIC (KR) 02/01/05

ICANN DNS Security Update #1
ICANN 02/01/04

Internet Watch 02/01/07
Domain Gold Rush Tails Off
Observer (UK) 02/01/06
VeriSign Offers Wait List for Domain Names
SF Chronicle 02/01/05
Want to Capture a .com? Get In Line
ZDNet 02/01/04
VeriSign To Launch Waiting List Service
VeriSign がドメインネーム待機リストサービス
InternetNews.com 02/01/04
VeriSign Plans Domain Wait List
Wired 02/01/04
VeriSign Preps Wait List for Coveted .coms
CNET 02/01/04; Want to Capture a .com? Get in Line ZDNet 02/01/04
SnapNames and VeriSign Global Registry Services Agree to Develop Domain Name Wait Listing Service
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/04
SnapNames and VeriSign Global Registry Services Agree to Develop Domain Name Wait Listing Service
SnapNames Press Release 02/01/04

Last Stand of Oz Domain Fight
Wired 02/01/04

日経産業新聞 02/01/04

Despite NeuStar Cuts, It's '.biz' as Usual
Washtech.com (Newsbytes) 02/01/09
NeuStar Layoffs Highlight Broader Addressing Concerns
Newsbytes 02/01/03

Verisign To Launch 'Recycled' Domain Name Business
Newsbytes 02/01/03

Irish Soccer Club's Anger over Porn Website
Ananova (UK) 02/01/03

Cyberlaw 2002: the Next Generation
Globe and Mail Michael Geist (CA) 02/01/03

Yahoo! (BCN) 02/01/09; ウェブサイト数が昨年末から減少傾向に 朝日新聞 (BCN) 02/01/09
再び今年は増加傾向なるか? 昨年、世界のWebサイト数が初めて減少に転ず
MYCOM PCWEB 02/01/07
Going Fast, Cybersquatters and Their Dotcom Booty
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/04; Cybersquatters Are Going Fast CNN.com (Reuters) 02/01/05
Survey: Internet Shrinks as Domain Numbers Fall
InfoWorld (IDG) 02/01/03; Survey: Internet Shrinks as Domain Numbers Fall ITworld.com (IDG) 02/01/03
Domain Registrations Fall
news.com.au (AU) 02/01/03
Total Number Of Internet Addresses Shrinks - Study
Newsbytes 02/01/02
The Incredible Shrinking Internet
ZDNet 02/01/02
It's a Smaller World Wide Web After All
CNET 02/01/02
Sex and MP3s Top of Web Searches
Financial Times (UK) 02/01/02
Internet Starts to Shrink
BBC (UK) 02/01/02
Domain Registration in Decline
TheRegister (UK) 02/01/02
Netcraft Web Server Survey

Internet Naming Regulators Tackle Domain Names with Non-Latin Characters
Nando Times (AFP) 02/01/02



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