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About Global Domains International (Photo Gallery)

Credit Unions Register 1,000 .coop Domain Names
NCBA Press Release 02/01/28

Target Forces Targetshopper.com To Relinquish Name
Newsbytes 02/01/25

A Summary of the Final Report of the Second WIPO Internet Domain Name Process
GigaLaw Peter K. Yu 02/01

Nazi Loses One Web Fight, Vows to Start Another
Lincoln Journal Star 02/01
Germany Evicts Nazi Cybersquatter
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/25; Germany Takes Back Government Sites CNET (Reuters) 02/01/25

VeriSign Posts Narrower Net Loss
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/25
Domain Name Growth Slows in 2001
Yahoo! (AP) 02/01/24; Domain Name Growth Slows Considerably CNN.com (AP) 02/01/25
VeriSign Lowers 2002 Bar
CBSMarketWatch 02/01/24
VeriSign Revenue Nears $1 Bil, Loses $13.4 Bil
Newsbytes 02/01/24
VeriSign Reports Fourth Quarter and Fiscal 2001 Results
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/24

Public Domain: Getting Regular Users Involved in ICANN
edventure Esther Dyson 02/01/24

Releases Cancelled Dot-Ca Domain
CIRA 02/01/24

VeriSign's Troubles
ISP-Planet 02/01/28
EFF Says NSI "Screwed Up" Sex.com Case
InternetNews.com 02/01/25
EFF Joins Sex.com Case
CNET 02/01/25
Network Solutions Mishandled sex.com Domain, Owner Says
SiliconValley.com (Bloomberg) 02/01/24
EFF Wants VeriSign Held Responsible In Sex.com Case
Newsbytes 02/01/24
Network Solutions Inc. Screwed Up Sex.com Domain Dispute
EFF Press Release 02/01/23

Tucows Gains Market Share: Named Fastest-growing Registrar in Net New Domain Name Registration
Tucows Press Release (CA) 02/01/23
Aimster Adopts New Name

Aimster Changes Name, Adds Fee Service
CNET 02/01/23

.biz Proves Popular in Europe
Europemedia.net (EU) 02/01/23

5,000 Domains Held Hostage
Moscow Times (RU) 02/01/24

Canadian Authority Tries Again To Release Expired Domains
Newsbytes 02/01/22
New Date/Time for CIRA's Release of Cancelled Dot-Ca Domain is January 24, 2002, 9:00 am (Ottawa time)
CIRA Press Release 02/01/22

IBM, VeriSign Forge E-Commerce Security Strategy
NewsFactor Network 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign Ink Internet Security Pact
InternetNews.com 02/01/22 IBM, VeriSign Ink Internet Security Pact AtNewYork.com 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign to Develop Electronic-Commerce Services (Update2)
Bloomberg.com 02/01/22
IBM-VeriSign Security Pact
CNNmoney 02/01/22
IBM, Verisign Ink Wide-ranging Security Deal
InfoWorld 02/01/22
IBM and VeriSign Seal £700m E-security Deal
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/22
An I.B.M.-VeriSign Venture for E-Commerce
NY Times (Reg. Req'd) 02/01/22
IBM, VeriSign Partner on Security Technology
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/22; IBM, VeriSign in Security Pact MSNBC (Reuters) 02/01/22

Addressing Authorities Will Tackle Internet Keywords
Newsbytes 02/01/23
ICANN Meetings in Accra, Ghana (10-14 March 2002)
ICANN 02/01/21

'Sucks' Sites to be Doled Out for Free
MSNBC 02/01/21

Selling Baltimore Short
SunSpot.net 02/01/21

Domain Idea Sparks Spat
Wired 02/01/21

Row over Domain
money.telegraph.co.uk (UK) 02/01/21

Some AT&T Users Face E-mail Shift
Boston Globe 02/01/19

Will U.S. Release Grip on ICANN?
Wired 02/01/19

Release of Cancelled Dot-ca Domain Names Rescheduled
CIRA Press Release (CA) 02/01/18

Baha'i Organization Bests Speculator In Domain Dispute
Newsbytes 02/01/18

Porn Pops Up on Redlands Web Site
dailybulletin.com 02/01/18

State of the Domain, Year-End 2001 (PDF)
SnapNames 02/01/17

VeriSign Slims Mass-marketing Unit
CNET 02/01/18
Verisign Axes 100 Jobs
silicon.com (UK) 02/01/18
VeriSign Lays Off 100 Employees
Newsbytes 02/01/17

Challenge to Bogus Net Name Holders
BBC (UK) 02/01/19
Afilias Begins Bulk Challenge Process
InternetNews.com 02/01/17
Domain Registrar Contests Frauds
CNET 02/01/17
Afilias Challenges 741 '.Info' Internet Addresses
Newsbytes 02/01/17
Afilias disputes 10,000 domain names
ZDNet (Reuters) 02/01/17; Internet Domain Manager Launches Challenge of Names Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/16
Afilias Starts Challenge of .INFO Names
Afilias Press Release 02/01/17
Why and How to Rent a Domain Name
GigaLaw.com 02/01

AP At Large Meetings in Bangkok, Thailand
8th JET Meeting Agenda (Draft)
APTLD 02/01/16

auDA Claims High Demand for Generic Domain Names
ZDNet Australia (AU) 02/01/16
Generic Domains Unpopular
Australian IT (AU) 02/01/16
Generic Domain Names Auction Update
auDA (AU) 02/01/16
What's in a Dot-name?
Fairfax IT (AU) 02/01/16
Dot-Name Frenzy? No, Dot-Calm
Wired 02/01/15
New '.Name' Internet Suffix Goes Live
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/15
Dot-Name Internet Addresses Go Live Today
Newsbyes 02/01/15
Internet Suffix for Individuals Starts
Yahoo! (AP) 02/01/14; New Net Dot-name Suffix Set to Debut CNN.com (AP) 02/01/14
.name, the World's First Domain for the Individual Goes Live
GNR Press Release 02/01/15

Forum Announces Fee Adjustments for ICANN Services
NAF 02/01/15

Nissan Computer Loses Ground in Domain Name Dispute With Nissan Motor
law.com 02/01/14

'Me' Domain Aale Attracts Lurid Applications
Ananova (UK) 02/01/15
Brits Get Domain for Individuals: me.uk
ITworld.com 02/01/14
.me Registers in Britain
CNET 02/01/14
British Internet Users Get '.me' Domain
Newsbytes 02/01/14
It's Me, Me, Me, Time for Britain's Internet Users
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/14; It's Me, Me, Me, Time for UK's Internet Users CNN.com (Reuters) 02/01/14
Let's Talk about .me.uk
TheRegister (UK) 02/01/14
Web Site Owner Links City to Smut
Bultimore Sun 02/01/14
Eugene City Beat: Cybersquatters Link City's Name with Smutty Site
Register-Guard 02/01/13

'Google Effect' Reduces Need for Many Domains
SJ Mercury Dan Gillmor 02/01/12

No Decisions Made On New Domains - ICANN
Newsbytes 02/01/11

Domain Dispute Mechanism Works Well - Study
Newsbytes 02/01/11

What's in a Web name?
Globe and Mail (CA) 02./01/11
Expired Dot-ca Internet Domain Names Available on a First Come First Served Basis
CIRA Press Release (CA) 02/01/11

Me, My Web and I
BBC (UK) 02/01/11
Nominet Gives Go Ahead for .me.uk
vnunet.com (UK) 02/01/11
A Domain Name Just for Me!
NominetUK (UK) 02/01/11

Address Sellers Criticize Recycled Domain Name Proposal
Newsbytes 02/01/10

ICANN Chief Favors Members-Only Internet Addresses
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/10

Alcoholics Anonymous Fails to Win .org Site
CNET 02/01/10; AA Not Awarded .org Site ZDNet 02/01/10

NeuStar Seeks Channel Partners to Launch .US Domain (PDF)
NeuStar Press Release 02/01/10

「資生堂」ドメインの登録会社に移転命令 WIPO
毎日新聞 (共同) 02/01/11
「資生堂」登録会社に移転命令 WIPO
毎日新聞 (共同) 02/01/10

Little Guy Takes Giant to Court
Yahoo! (AP) 02/01/14
Jokester Serious about Taking on Microsoft
“Pocket PC”は私の名前――ギャグ商品作者の真面目な訴え
ZDNet 02/01/10
Going Mano a Mano with Microsoft
起業家が『Pocket PC』をめぐってMSと一騎討ち
CNET 02/01/09

Is VeriSign Buying Revenue?
TheStreet.com 02/01/09

NAF Domain News Issue 3.1
NAF 02/01/09

No Love Lost in Domain Battle
SeacoastOnline 02/01/08

Euro Domain Registries Pushing ICANN for Quality Standards
Computerworld 02/01/10
US Icann and European Centr in a Deadlock
Europemedia.net (EU) 02/01/09
Memo to Domain Name Industry - SORT IT OUT
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/09
Domain Name Fury Leaves Europe Ostracised
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/09
US Body 'Taxing' European Domains
Silicon.com (UK) 02/01/08
Germany Takes on 'Farmbelt Fuehrer'
BBC (UK) 02/01/08

Nominet Expected to Approve .me.uk
vnunet.com (UK) 02/01/08
.Me.uk Domain Scheduled for Release
ZDNet UK (UK) 02/01/08

VeriSign Buying Wireless Billing Services Vendor H.O. Systems Inc.
Computerworld 02/01/08
SnapNames and VeriSign to Develop Domain Waiting List
Web Host Industry Review 02/01/07
VeriSign Takes Over Dot-TV Internet Domain

VeriSign Acquires The .tv Corporation
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/07

ICANN Meetings in Accra, Ghana (10-14 March 2002)
ICANN Meetings in Accra
ICANN 02/01/06

Enforce Dispute Resolution System for KR Domain Name
KRNIC (KR) 02/01/05

ICANN DNS Security Update #1
ICANN 02/01/04
Domain Gold Rush Tails Off
Observer (UK) 02/01/06

CNET 02/01/04; Want to Capture a .com? Get in Line ZDNet 02/01/04
SnapNames and VeriSign Global Registry Services Agree to Develop Domain Name Wait Listing Service
VeriSign Press Release 02/01/04
SnapNames and VeriSign Global Registry Services Agree to Develop Domain Name Wait Listing Service
SnapNames Press Release 02/01/04

Last Stand of Oz Domain Fight
Wired 02/01/04

Despite NeuStar Cuts, It's '.biz' as Usual
Washtech.com (Newsbytes) 02/01/09
NeuStar Layoffs Highlight Broader Addressing Concerns
Newsbytes 02/01/03

Verisign To Launch 'Recycled' Domain Name Business
Newsbytes 02/01/03

Irish Soccer Club's Anger over Porn Website
Ananova (UK) 02/01/03

Cyberlaw 2002: the Next Generation
Globe and Mail Michael Geist (CA) 02/01/03
MYCOM PCWEB 02/01/07
Going Fast, Cybersquatters and Their Dotcom Booty
Yahoo! (Reuters) 02/01/04; Cybersquatters Are Going Fast CNN.com (Reuters) 02/01/05
Survey: Internet Shrinks as Domain Numbers Fall
InfoWorld (IDG) 02/01/03; Survey: Internet Shrinks as Domain Numbers Fall ITworld.com (IDG) 02/01/03
Domain Registrations Fall
news.com.au (AU) 02/01/03
Total Number Of Internet Addresses Shrinks - Study
Newsbytes 02/01/02

It's a Smaller World Wide Web After All
CNET 02/01/02
Sex and MP3s Top of Web Searches
Financial Times (UK) 02/01/02
Internet Starts to Shrink
BBC (UK) 02/01/02
Domain Registration in Decline
TheRegister (UK) 02/01/02
Netcraft Web Server Survey

Internet Naming Regulators Tackle Domain Names with Non-Latin Characters
Nando Times (AFP) 02/01/02



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